The foundation stones of Ndigbo West Flanders as an organisation could literally be traced back to 16 February 2013 in the ancient Flemish City of Bruges when the pioneers meeting took place. Facilitated by Mazi (Onowu) Kelechukwu Achu, the foundation meeting was prompted by the growing, yet organized population of Igbo descendants in the Western region of Belgium (West Flanders). The conveners of the meeting felt the need for a unifying Igbo community organisation, with the primary aim of encouraging unity and creating a sense of belonging among people of Igbo descendants resident in the region, including their children, non- Igbo born wives, husbands and in-laws.

On the one hand, the founding fathers of Ndigbo reasoned that Ndigbo in this region of Belgium, have to facilitate their integration process in the Flanders, Belgian society but on the other hand, the rich cultural heritage of Ndigbo needed to be packaged and shared with our host community and by extension help in preserving and promoting same cultures for our children. The exploratory meeting looked at the pertinence of these aims but also their feasibility. Satisfied that the cause was not only noble but also doable, the meeting passed a resolution to set the necessary machinery in motion towards further mobilization of all interested Igbo sons in West Flanders to work further on achieving the identified aims.

The official launch of Ndigbo West Flanders, otherwise known as “Mputa Izizi Ndigbo West Flanders”is envisaged as a major artistic, cultural and historical event of the Ibo people resident in Belgium in collaboration with all talented Ibo people all over the world. It was held in Brugge, the cultural capital of Europe, which houses major UNESCO world heritage sites.

Onowu Kenechukwu (Kaycee) Achu
Chairman Ndigbo West Flanders


Monthly General Meeting

Third Saturday of Every Month 

Time: 5:00 – 8:00 PM 
De Dijk

Blankenbergse Steenweg 221,  8000 Brugge

(No meetings in Aug. & Dec)


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